DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd. provides regional sales and implementation support for digitalisation products developed by the DMG MORI Group. The company’s Digital Sales Managers assess the needs of production companies, their potential in digitalisation and process improvement and propose customer-specific solutions. Whether it is the implementation of turnkey software solutions or the realisation of individual projects, the sales area works closely with the development centres to ensure that the products and services to be implemented meet the highest customer requirements. In addition to building customer relationships, the sales team places a strong emphasis on providing market feedback to the development centre, so that incoming customer requirements and development suggestions can be incorporated into the solutions developed as soon as possible.


The DMG MORI ISTOS production scheduling software package allows you to plan your production processes efficiently and quickly, receiving real-time feedback from production, visualising process steps and improving machine utilisation. Whether it’s cloud-based or on-site execution, manual or ERP order processing. The system ensures the fastest possible scheduling, tailored to scarce resources, taking into account the availability of production machines and workers, shift schedules and unexpected downtime.


DMG MORI TULIP is an intelligent manufacturing support platform that allows you to build process support applications without programming knowledge, using building blocks, to address the challenges that manufacturing companies face every day. With TULIP, processes become measurable and transparent, be it work instructions, quality control, audits, production tracking, scrap reports, maintenance escalations, data collection or other challenges.

Zsolt Varsányi

Digital Sales Manager