DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd. HEITEC Hungary Ltd. DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd. is a subsidiary of HEITEC Hungary Ltd. engineering service provider and the market-leading machine tool manufacturer DMG MORI.

How did all this happen?

HEITEC Hungary Ltd. 2017. HEITEC Hungary Ltd. 2017 was founded in September 2017 with only 1 employee, but now we are a medium-sized company.

HEITEC Hungary Ltd. HEITEC Hungary Ltd. was founded in September 2017 as a subsidiary of the engineering company HEITEC AG, a large engineering company in Germany, with only 1 employee.

The cooperation between HEITEC Hungary and DMG MORI started in early 2019, initially with about 10 people, focusing on lab-level testing of DMG MORI software solutions. As time went on, HEITEC Hungary became involved in DMG MORI’s software development and more and more projects were partnered between the two companies, which, thanks to the successful work, reached another milestone in March 2020: the two companies signed a long-term strategic agreement and established our joint venture, DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd.

We are united in our efforts to develop software that digitises the entire manufacturing process from the initial phase through to the final product (from production planning and support to maintenance and cloud computing). Thanks to our R&D centre, we are bringing the machine tool industry into the digital age, making the production process not only more efficient and faster, but also greener.

We are a young and dynamically growing company with a focus on professionalism.

What are our core values?

– Professionalism and challenge

– Power and stability

– Flexibility and speed

Why is it good to work for us?

An important element of our reliability is that we strive for a long-term working relationship with our employees and offer career opportunities alongside work.

A DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd. Since its establishment in 2020, DMG MORI HEITEC Digital Ltd. has undergone a significant increase in staff, with a fourfold increase in the number of our colleagues.

In addition to projects at home, we also rely on our employees to take part in international work programmes through subsidised travel.

We give our colleagues all the support they need to perform as expected, including a benefits package, an organisational framework and a motivation scheme.

In addition to a wide range of professional and language training, we enrich office life with team-building programmes, events and professional meet-ups.

We place great emphasis on the smooth integration of new colleagues, which greatly facilitates effective working.

Our Team