Information Security Policy of DMG MORI HEITECHungary Kft.

The scope of our information security management system is based on the information security impacts identified in the external and internal environment of the organization and the information security requirements of the stakeholders.

Our objective is to consciously manage the human, technological and natural risks factors, and to preserve the business value and value of the material, intellectual and information assets owned by the company.

During our activities, we operate in accordance with the relevant laws and our contracts.
We prevent unauthorized access and misuse of the personal data of our customers, partners, and employees. As a preventive aim, we regularly evaluate and manage the security risks that arise in our day-to-day business and make conscious decisions to take on, limit or mitigate their impact.

Our security measures are designed to be sustainable and have an appropriate cost/benefit ratio. To ensure the success of our business, we protect our material assets and business information and business secrets with technical systems, technological, organizational and awareness procedures and measures.

We integrate security requirements into our business processes to support the long-term
development of reliable products, services, and engineering solutions. For projects, security is a key factor in all circumstances.

We follow and incorporate into our operations the information security measures and processes that established by our mother company.

Budapest, 23. July 2020

Dr. Péter Várady
Managing Director