In December, we joined together again to help families in need and make the holidays more joyful for them. Thanks to our colleagues, we collected and delivered personally to the families several boxes of durable food, toys, sweets and clothes.

During the CSR 2022 event, we specifically sought out families that we could contact directly and had personal relationships or indirect contacts with our colleagues, so we knew firsthand that the need was huge.

We visited several rural locations during the programme. We took packages to Valko, where we met the Principal at the Móra Ferenc Primary School. There we handed over several boxes of food, toys and sweets and where we could not go, our contact person delivered the presents to them before Christmas. We visited 4-5 other households in the village and in Gödöllő on the same day, where we also treated them with the gifts we had collected. They also received durable foods, sweets, toys and clothes.

The other half of the donations was offered to a family with 4 children in Vindornyalak, they live in very unpretentious conditions in the village. The house had no heating nor electricity, so it was a clear choice to help them so the holiday would not be about deprivation.

We will continue this tradition of collaboration in 2023 and thanks to the CSR team we have set up for this purpose, we are planning more charitable actions this year.