Real-time production scheduling, planning and feedback, developed in Hungary under the aegis of one of the world’s largest machine tool manufacturers

The production scheduling software solution of the DMG MORI Group is backed by the software developers of the Hungarian-based DMG MORI HEITEC DIGITAL Kft. as part of an international team, relying on the company’s software development team of nearly 150 people.

The machine tool giant’s production scheduling solution provides an alternative to paper-based or Excel-based scheduling tasks to make the scheduling challenges of small and medium to large companies more efficient and transparent. Germany-based ISTOS GmbH is developing its production scheduling solution within the DMG MORI group of companies under the name PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL.

Flexible design with fast implementation

The scheduling system receives information from many areas of production, which can be processed to achieve higher utilisation and delivery reliability. With real-time feedback from colleagues in production, planning can be smoother and more accurate, while knowledge of machine capacity, human resources, technology processes and orders means we can respond more quickly to changes. Thanks to the software’s visual planner, the entire production process will be more transparent, improving utilisation by up to 25% and reducing planning time by up to 80% compared to analogue (paper or Excel) planning. In addition, the full functionality of the cloud-based system, available on a web browser, can be up and running in just a few days.

“DMG MORI’s team supporting HEITEC ISTOS has been contributing to the software and product development work of the German company since 2020, with an ever-increasing scope of responsibilities. Currently, 14 people from the company’s nearly 150-strong development team are working dedicatedly on ISTOS and DMG MORI’s production scheduling solution, both on the “PRO” version optimised for large companies and the “SME” version mainly recommended for small and medium-sized companies. The added value of the Hungarian team is reflected in every single feature of the product, be it the frontend, i.e. the interface visible to the user, or the backend, which is the architecture and engine behind the software. “- Sándor Kovács – Team Manager ISTOS, DMG MORI HEITEC

Production planning from ERP system

Many manufacturing companies have established IT infrastructures that are embedded in the life of the organisation and their integration is a priority when implementing a new system. Recognising this, ISTOS places great emphasis on building integration with existing solutions and enterprise management systems. Previously generated data is important for proper scheduling, so ISTOS can also provide a direct, two-way data link to common ERP systems. This helps to ensure overall process security by avoiding duplication of data and allowing the system to work from up-to-date data.

The Hungarian development team of DMG MORI HEITEC is increasingly trusted and responsible by the German ISTOS colleagues, so now all key components of the design solution contain our Hungarian code lines and concepts. Through our daily contact with the German product development team, we coordinate the development needs from market feedback, which our customers can have on their system at the next upgrade. Of particular importance for the Hungarian developers is the development of the connection to external components, which enables PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL to receive and send data from other peripheral systems, and the development of the background component, which is practically the heart of the system and handles data communication between the elements within the software. “- István Némethy – Senior Software Engineer ISTOS, DMG MORI HEITEC

Automatic planning for complex tasks

Customers requiring even more complex and professional production planning can also use PRODUCTION PLANNING & CONTROL – PRO. The software, developed specifically for automated production planning and scheduling, will be developed on the customer’s premises, interfacing with existing IT solutions. The PRO version allows even more precise planning with a number of additional features, taking into account stock information, internal orders, minimum order sizes, machine overheads, employee wages, competency matrices, production tool availability, tooling and alternative planning options, to name just a few examples. The program also compares all these influencing factors with 7 possible optimization strategies, focusing on the highest utilization of your production machines, the most cost-effective production, the least number of changeovers, the most timely delivery of orders, or other strategies.

Domestic development, support, free trial

Developed for the international market, the Hungarian value-added design solution is particularly beneficial for Hungarian clients, thanks to the Hungarian interface and full support in Hungarian, as well as the rapid response to feedback from the market. In addition, free testing is also available for those interested, with prepared demo data or even uploaded with their own sample data, full functionality, live situations to see how the system fits into their current processes. You can request a test account by by sending an email to.