On 3rd October, 2023 our annual Company Gathering took place involving our more than 230 colleagues. Co-workers from all divisions, should it be software or hardware development, digitisation, automation, power electronics, embedded systems, measurement and test systems; sales, human resources, finances, quality, IT, and all back-office departments assembled in a charming conference facility near the River Danube.

The purpose of the event was to share an insight of the passing business year behind us, recall some of the success stories, reflect on the challenges we faced and shed light on the vision of growth strategies for the coming years. The Company Gathering had clear goals for offering not only a professional agenda, but also grant a high degree of interactivity and reflectiveness for our colleagues so we can involve them during every part of the programme with a real-time feedback form.

The event started with an intro video specifically created to kick-off the event and give motivating starting tone.

The first presentation was the keynote speech of Dr. Péter Várady which was address to all 230 colleagues of the HEITEC Hungary and DMG MORI HEITEC Digital companies. Dr. Várady reflected on all the joint efforts our colleagues made to bring success to the company this year, focused on the most important milestones and expressed his gratitude towards the co-workers. Our CEO not only highlighted our key competences, but also put them into perspective to show how competitive we are in the industry. Dr. Várady’s section ended with a short movie compiling messages from a handful of satisfied partners explaining the benefits of working together with HEITEC Hungary and DMG MORI HEITEC Digital.

The upcoming section was presented by Csanád Pálfalvi, Chief Operating Officer, and Zsolt Várady, Head of Business Development of HEITEC Hungary. Mr. Pálfalvi was first reflecting on the structural adjustments made in the core business units which was a result of a strategic alignment of our key competences. Then he continued explaining the benefits which these adjustments unfolded. Zsolt Várady seized the moment for showing how HEITEC was advancing in building partnership with new clients and what practical actions we are taking in making our company more visible on the market. As a closure, a newly debuting image video wrapped up the section.

Ferenc Boros, Head of Department from DMG MORI HEITEC Digital took the stage and shared the latest achievements of the collaboration with the Nr1 machine tool manufacturer, DMG MORI. In his speech he highlighted the increasing responsibility of our colleagues, the appearance of new roles and the growing trust. He also outlined our contribution to the EMO industrial trade show, and finally summarising with a message to “Let’s dare to be brave!”.

During all presentations we collected real-time feedback and invited all our management speakers on the stage to reflect on these questions. As we received a tremendous amount of questions we answered the most urging ones at the spot, and answered the remaining ones after the event.

After a break and refreshments, we continued our session with Dávid Gyovai, Digital Sales Manager from DMG MORI HEITEC Digital who shared his story about the digitalization vision of DMG MORI. He discussed the importance of the digitisation efforts the machine manufacturer makes in order to revolutionize industrial manufacturing. He also brought some insights and market feedback of our digital product debuting at EMO.

The closure of our internal session was a roundtable discussion about an ever-urging topic: the importance of a roadmap and vision in successful projects. The different aspects were discussed

involving a project manager, product owner, scrum master and a devops engineer. With the help of András Selmeczi, Szabolcs Pásti, Bence Balázs, Zoltán Török we unrevealed how the different job roles define roadmap and vision and what steps can we make in case any of them, or both of them are blurry or non-existent. We also argued what responsibilities distinct roles have in creating or fine-tuning these business compasses, and what will make a project successful at the end.

The end of the roundtable discussion closed the internal topics and opened up space for more casual subjects.

First, we welcomed Dr. Ferenc Kása Professional Diplomat in charge of Artificial Intelligence and Data at Neumann Nonprofit Kft who discussed recent trends in AI advancement. Dr. Kása gave us a deep dive into legislation situation of the technology, expected rules on how to handle Artificial Intellgience EU-wide and brought us practical examples on how it is used in the IT and other sectors.

Our final speaker was a sports legend. It took us a few minutes to introduce the list of all her achievements, medals, victories in an adventurous career of swimming. Éva Risztov shared her story from the very early childhood till winning gold medal at the Olympics games. The motivating speech put the audience into a real emotional rollercoaster, highlighting both ups and downs and the necessity of never giving up on our dreams.

The Company Gathering closed with a standing buffet and some great, casual discussions till early night.